Extreme heat at school

High Temperatures – Tuesday 19th July

As forecast, the temperatures today have been very high and this will continue into tomorrow. We are doing everything we can to keep things as cool as possible, but it does remain very hot.

We have made the following decisions about school opening and closing times tomorrow based on our assessment of risk:

• School will open at the usual time. If you would prefer to keep your child at home to keep safe in the heat, this will be authorised. Please phone to let us know your decision. Remote learning will be available to your children via Purple Mash. All children have a Purple Mash login and the expectations for the day will be available on Purple Mash in the morning.
• School will close at 1.30pm for all children. The temperatures tomorrow afternoon are forecast to be extremely high and the earlier end time will limit the amount of time children are in very hot classrooms.

We will continue to monitor the situation on the ground tomorrow. If we feel it becomes unsafe, we will close the school earlier. If this is the case, we will inform parents and carers as soon as we are able.

Please make sure children arrive at school with a sun hat and having had sun cream applied.  This will help is all work together to ensure that everyone remains comfortable despite the hot weather. Our measures in school remain in place.
Wednesday’s temperature is forecast to be sunny, but not excessive. The school will be open as usual for all pupils on Wednesday. 

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