Leadership and Governance of the Trust

The vision of The Harmony Trust is that it will be known for best practice in educational excellence.

There is a strong moral purpose to do what is best for children and families and this underpins our ethos. We aim to raise aspirations and attainment of all children, developing pupils with high self-esteem and responsibility.

The Trust is committed to the delivery of high quality education delivered by excellent staff, in a caring, supportive, learning environment.

The legal Governing Body of all academies in the Harmony Trust is the Trust Board itself.

Members of the Trust are directly responsible for appointing the Trustees.

The Trust Board maintains direct responsibility and accountability directly to the Secretary of State and the Department for Education in London.

Members of the Harmony Trust

  • Mr Dominic Wall
  • Mr Paul Makin
  • Mrs Marian Simmons
  • Mr Kit Thorne
  • Oldham Hulme Grammar School

The Harmony Trust Board of Trustees

  • Mr Paul Makin
  • Mrs Marian Simmons
  • Mr Graham McGuffie
  • Mr Sajen Bakht
  • Mr Antony Hughes
  • Ms Sara Bashir
  • Ms Ashley Forbes
  • Mr Norman Hole

In our academy, parent's views are extremely important to us.  We have an open door policy and you are welcome to speak to the principal at any time.

You can also share your views with us and with Ofsted using the link below. This will help us to improve our academy even further.

However if you are unhappy about something in our academy, please come in and talk to us. Most things can be sorted out quickly by talking to the class teacher or principal.

The results of our Parents Survey in Feb 2015 are very pleasing. We have used this to inform our School Development Plan.

Parent Questionnaire November 2014:

Results below:

My child is happy at school. 97%
My child feels safe at school. 96%
My child makes good progress at school.  93%
My child is well looked after at school. 97%
The teaching is good at school.  93%
My Child regularly receives homework. 92%
This school makes sure pupils are well behaved. 85%
This school deals effectively with bullying. 83%
This school is well led and managed. 83%
This school deals well with any worries I have. 88%
I receive useful information from the teachers about my child's progress 90%
I would recommend this school to another parent. 85%

Alt Lane, Oldham, Lancashire OL8 2EL

Mrs Cooper, Mrs Bulmer or Mrs Bone: Main Contact

0161 260 0622

Part of The Harmony Trust
Alderson Street,

CEO: Antony Hughes