The Harmony Pledge

As a trust we make a pledge to support every one of our pupils to achieve their potential.

We want our pupils to be life-long learners to


We pledge to provide a curriculum which will -

  • Develop our pupils’ character, resilience and a range of social and emotional competencies
  • Provide our pupils with academic excellence
  • Support our pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development
  • Build our pupils’ confidence to have the highest expectation of themselves and their future
  • Celebrate our pupils’ academic, creative and sporting achievements
  • Instill in them a desire for learning which continues throughout their lives.

We want our pupils to have drive and tenacity; to stick at a task; to understand how to work towards long term goals; and be able to pick themselves up and bounce back from life’s challenges.

A 10-point pledge to all our pupils and their families.


By the time our pupils reach the age of 11 they will have completed each of the following pledges:

Harmony Pledge.JPG

Whilst the fine detail of the experiences the pupils in each academy will be involved are for the academy to determine, to support the management of the delivery of this aspect of our curriculum all our pupils will complete a Harmony Pledge Booklet.

This is designed to support pupils with recording their experiences and making the link to the ten-point pledge and development of the following character traits - Resilient, Problem-Solver, Compassionate, Cooperative, Aspirational, Confident, Effective Communicator, Motivated, Tolerant, Honest.

Within every school year each hub will hold a Pledge Celebration Event where pupils are identified for awards related to each aspect of the pledge.

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