Respect Charter

Respect Charter and Behaviour system

At Alt Academy, we are working towards the Rights and Respecting Award. Our school ethos and behaviour system is based around our whole school Respect Charter. We focus on 4 respects-

S-respect for self

O-respect for others

L-respect for learning

E-respect for our environment.

Each class has devised their own respect charter for these 4 areas.

Each pupil from yr3-6 has a Respect badge, which is worn to demonstrate they are following the respect charter.  We always use the language of choice and consequence, to reinforce with pupils that their actions have consequences.


Children are rewarded for good attendance, work and behaviour. We use praise, stickers, sharing work and achievements with others, certificates, star of the day and week, Principal award, attendance awards and prizes, special assemblies and Golden Time.


Reminders, verbal warnings, loss of Golden Time, removal of privileges, including break and lunchtime play, removal of badge and parents are informed.


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